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Mnging people in retil - Case Study Example

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The structure of retil firm refers to the wy in which its humn resources re orgnized nd entils the hierrchy, deprtmenttion, spn of control, nd integrtion mong the vrious units. The structure nd design of n orgniztion re the result of its externl environment, its size, its technology, its gols, nd its ledership…

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Mnging people in retil

In most retil orgniztions, these chnges come in the fce of reltively little premerger plnning. lthough mny firms consider the implictions of structurl chnge on their orgniztion, often such nlysis is cursory nd superficil.
This pper will introduce the elements of structure within the retil orgniztion, then explore the reltionship mong structure, strtegy, nd culture. Finlly, the structurl chnges within retil orgniztion strtegy is presented in the previous pssges of the pper.
Retil orgniztionl structure hs numerous dimensions: formliztion, speciliztion, stndrdiztion, hierrchy of uthority, complexity, centrliztion, professionlism, nd personnel rtios. mong them, complexity, formliztion, nd centrliztion re focl to our discussion of retil orgniztion (see Figure 1).
Complexity refers to the number nd vriety of hierrchicl lyers, job titles, nd divisions nd deprtments within n orgniztion. The more lyers nd divisions, the higher the complexity of n orgniztion. (Bddeleys, Jmes, 1990) It is needed to sy tht the level of complexity vries within the retil orgniztion. Within Tesco, the legl deprtment hs mny lyers of lwyers nd stff members servicing the legl needs of different regions of the country, wheres mnufcturing my hve only one loction with two hierrchicl levels.
Formliztion refers to the number nd content of rules nd regultions present within n retil orgnizti ...
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