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Today's markets are highly influenced by technological progress, especially in information technology. Yet, small businesses are taking the back seat. It is necessary to expand knowledge on two distinctive things strategy and operational effectiveness. Every business strategy the he is incorporating to the readers would depend upon the nature of business, the location and definitely the country involved.


Moreover, he claims that, in order to understand how consumers actually make buying decisions, three scopes have to be identified, which are who makes the buying decision, the types of buying decisions, and the steps in the buying process.
This report will examine the importance of marketing to organizations in the twenty-first century. It will focus on one company, namely Mercedes Benz, and first of all show what marketing is. In addition, it will look at how Mercedes Benz uses marketing strategies and techniques. Furthermore, it will consider the reasons why marketing is essential to this organization, and how it has changed its use of marketing and how it might continue to do so in the future.
In order to do this, it will be necessary to use marketing models and examples throughout. Also, a history and definition of modern marketing will be given. Next, the functions of marketing will be explained. A description of the marketing process, with particular emphasis on the development of integrated marketing strategies by organizations will also be covered. ...
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