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research methods for business

Motivating employees to reach company goals involves giving employees an incentive to perform to expectations, by appealing to their needs at the psychological level or from a financial perspective. In some industries, businesses develop incentives schemes in order to motivate employees to reduce current absentee levels (Kohn, 1999), as one relevant example.
Spitzer (2000) further offers that in order for any reward structure to be successful, the business must first create what is referred to as a scheme of recurrence, which basically means a consistent reward structure which has very clearly defined rewards for specific performance activities. "If reward structures reflect what is asked for, it will become a systematic reality" (Spitzer, 2000, p.81). This would suggest that it would be highly important for a business to fully understand what types of specific rewards would be embraced by employees prior to adopting and launching a reward scheme.
Individual recognition could theoretically come in many forms, such as the aforementioned promise of promotion for meeting target goals, praising the employee in front of managers, co ...
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There is considerable emphasis today, both in the generic business environment as well as in human resources, on how best to improve staff motivational levels. It seems that regardless of the specific type of business or industry, no definitive model by which to motivate staff members has been developed which will work in all business environments…
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