Retail Internationalisation

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Retailers have increasingly been moving towards internationalisation of their business operations over the last few decades. There happen to be several factors behind this increased retail internationalisation. However, it mostly happens when retailers do not get favourable environment in the home market.


Retailers like Marks & Spencer, Next, Arcadia, Debenhams, Asda, Tesco, Bhs, New Look and John Lewis are very famous in the UK for clothing retail internationalisation.
This paper evaluates the leading factors behind the internationalisation of retailers in the UK from clothing perspective. It also provides the major reasons causing these retailers to move beyond the domestic market and seek opportunities internationally.
Retailers around the work have been increasingly moving towards internationalisation in search of better business opportunities. This is ion particular on the rise among UK retailers that have moved towards foreign markets at a fast rate over the last few decades. Retail internationalisation is important for getting concept, sourcing and operational development. It further provides remarkable chances to grow and shine. Due to internationalisation, accumulation of information also takes place. It is very difficult to get all these facilities without moving outside (Akehurst and Alexander, 1996). There happen to be several factors that either push companies from domestic market or pull them towards internationalisation. These factors could be in the form of restrictive environment, saturated market and high competition in home market. ...
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