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Boris Johnson, The London Mayor, is looking for viability of a new airport in Thames estuary. The 24-hour airport would be a four runway expandable to six runways to replace both Heathrow and Gatwick in due course. The environmental agency and European Union both have criticised the idea of a third runway in Heathrow on account of noise pollution and global warming (Murray 2008; Katz 2008).


In UK the latest government forecasts predict a 239% change on 1995 by 2015 of the terminal passenger numbers. I t shows a requirement equivalent of an extra 3 -4 airports the size of Heathrow. The country needs to follow the sustainable development policy of its own and of EU. The required framework of aviation should reduce impact, increase growth and protect environment. (DETR 1997 as cited inWhitelegg 2000). A few recommendation suggested are: putting an environment charge based on emissions, ending of all subsidies and tax exemptions and more stringent noise and emission standards.(Whitelegg 2000)
Environmental data and criteria: The London mayor is particularly optimistic about environmental safety by moving airport into the Thames estuary. It would cut noise since planes could approach the airport over the North Sea. Moreover, the Heathrow expansion would put pressure on the dense west London while there is alternative to the east. The noise has been the complaint of many residents and the levels of global warming emission gases have gone beyond EU and Environmental Agency norms (Katz 2008). Ben Stewart of Greenpeace argues that increase in number of flights from a four runway would negate the environmental benefits. ...
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