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Interpretive Strategies

This has been considered as a wonderful mix of communication principles. For this purpose, the person who interprets should have basic working knowledge. The working knowledge should be about; journalism, marketing, psychology, non formal and adult education theory and presentation, business management and finances, reservation and tourism planning/ principles, media planning and design principles (John A. Veverka, 2006).
The interpretive techniques and principles can be observed when we see an advertisement, magazine, television or a movie. The interpretation will depend on the reality used in the techniques of interpretation. The understanding of an interpreters about the knowledge and the view of the visitors will be helpful in the success of the interpretation. This cannot be termed as the truth in the interpretation. In the aforementioned context, the view expressed about interpretation is that the one which follows the views of the visitors.
The truth lies in the interpretation if the interpreters consider the memory, recreational learning and learning experience of the visitors. This consideration of the interpreters may result in the truth in the interpretation. The learning of the visitor from the interpretation can be in the form of fun also.
The methods like coin collecting, model making, studying aspects of history, bird watching etc. ...
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According to John A veverka, the definition of interpretation is a communication process, designed to reveal meanings and relationships of our cultural and natural heritage through involvement with objects, artifacts, landscapes and sites (John A. Veverka, 2006)…
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