International Scholarship Candidates Selection

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Current data indicates that RasGas can expect to spend between $200,000 and $400,000 US per scholarship candidate to complete an undergraduate education in the United States or United Kingdom. Currently candidates are chosen on a subjective basis by committee vote without an objective analysis of the candidate's potential to complete the educational program he is assigned to.


Further, RasGas may choose candidates who will fail to complete their chosen educational programs and create a sunk cost loss for RasGas. The use of an objective rating scale linked to organizational goals and future performance can limit these potential losses and increase the chances of securing productive employees post graduation. In order to create a winning proposition, one of the focus areas for RasGas is the 'development of its employees and the organisation', which can only be realized when the company is in a position to objectively rate the performances.
Motivational factors arouse a need, propelling a person to channelise his efforts and energies in the direction of fulfilling those needs. These needs are aroused in the employee of an organization to increase the output, provide quality, increase efficiency, maintain industrial peace etc. An effective management must understand the fact that there are at least two ways by which the behavior of employees could be directed towards the productive pursuits in the organization. One is by changing the personality, i.e. the internal psychological structures of the person, which is a long-drawn and uncertain process. ...
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