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International Tourism

However, Pakistan, even though bestowed with vast areas of unexploited and unexplored, breathtakingly beautiful landmarks, to date has been unable to exploit the travel and tourism industry to its maximum or for that matter, even the minimum level. According to an article available at Eturbonews. "The tourism industry in southern Asia generally showed growth in 2007, except for Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Political instability and a lack of security in these two countries led to a drop in arrivals from abroad: -7% for Pakistan, and -12% for Sri Lanka" The same news states further, "In general, the tourism industry in the subcontinent showed growth of 12%. In 2006."The same article further refers to Pakistan's tourism industry in the following words, " in addition to Sri Lanka, is represented by Pakistan, where tourism demand fell by 7% in 2007". Experts say this is related to the country's serious political instability and frequent terrorist attacks."
There are two types of tourists' visiting Pakistan, The foreign Tourists and the domestic tourists. The domestic tourists can further be classified into up-country tourist (moving from the south of the country to the north) and down country tourists (tourists moving from North to South).
Since tourism industry is a business mode ...
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Undertake secondary research to identify the key external trends and developments that are influencing the market for travel and tourism for your chosen country. Specifically highlight those factors that are likely to have most effect on the attractiveness of your chosen country as a tourist destination for both domestic and foreign visitors.
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