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Case Study example - Assessing Brilliance in Innovation

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Case Study
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Innovation is increasingly being considered as a core competency that organisations must develop. Companies that consistently innovate don't rely on chance; they address innovation in a systematic way. The Enron Corporation was a brilliant innovative company…

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It would be within the next year that Enron would begin to go through some major financial difficulties. It will be argued here that the basic tenets of a successful company require three key aspects: profit; sustainability of innovation; and good leadership.
First, one should begin with a short history of Enron. In the case of the Houston-based Enron Corporation, a multi-billion dollar institution encountered a crisis situation. The denial of top corporate executives Kenneth Lay and Jeffrey Skilling led to Enron making excuses such as blaming Arthur Andersen, its accounting firm, for its failure. An integral part of understanding Enron's demise comes from learning a little bit about the company and how it grew over the years to its existing status. Houston Natural Gas merged with InterNorth, in July 1985, to form the Enron Corporation. Over the next fifteen years, Enron expanded rapidly, establishing many new businesses worldwide.
The first sign of an innovative corporation is that it shows a profit. In about fifteen years, Enron grew from nothing to being America's seventh largest company. Enron employed over 21,000 individuals in more than forty countries. Enron's executives transformed this company, without actually building a company that made significant business profits. By doing this, Enron executives could exaggerate the company's cash flow. ...
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