Jaffa Cakes

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Jaffa Cakes is a world leading snack produced by snack world giants McVitie's (United Biscuits). With the headquarters in United Kingdom, Jaffa Cakes' popularity has continued to stretch beyond UK into the rest of European countries such as France, Belgium and Netherlands.


Jaffa cake has been in production for the last 60 years and one thing which has helped it survive in the market is the fact that, the brand keeps on reinventing itself and that keeps the customers expecting more and more and largely this explains the reason why Jaffa cake is to date still the leading cake the UK.
Another strategy which helped propel the market performance of the Jaffa cakes was the repackaging of the products to reposition it as a lunch box as opposed to entirely being a snack. This meant that, the Jaffa cake could now attracts a new crop of consumers, lunch diners. The subsequent 'tube-like' repackaging in 1999 was a new strategy yet aimed at appealing to the growing class of young consumers.
Jaffa cake continues to be a leading company in terms of community involvement considers the fact that, the company has on several occasions sponsored several community initiatives. The most recent and significant sponsorship which double as a marketing and advertising campaign was the sponsoring of Manchester united football club in the year 2000. This largely boosted the popularity of the snack as a favourite low calorie snack rich in carbohydrates.
Continually, Jaffa cakes depend on creativity and innovatiness especially considering their technologically favorable environment. ...
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