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This case study is in fact looking at the details of a real world situation in an Amusement Park cum Resort. Mainly, this study will analyse the managing strategies with its various problems to diagnose and bring about the inevitable changes in promoting their off season revenues as the resort is open round the year but off season brings an income much less than the expenses at the moment.


The change that would take place in the company after the proposed information system has been implemented successfully is summarized. The resources and involvement needed for the change is also described in the latter part.
A self reflection at the end gives light to the expertise and foresightedness needed for an administrator in implementing an information system to change a key processing with its experience. In the diagnosis and the latter part of the work are based on theory and academic notion.
"Veega Land, India's first water theme park, has since its inception been an irresistible attraction for hundreds of thousands of fun loving people of all ages from all over India. Spread over 30 acres of landscaped space, built to international standards and impeccably maintained, Veega Land has a mind boggling array of sophisticated rides to thrill anyone till one can't take any more" (Veega Land)
Veega Land Amusement Park is situated in the outskirts of Bangalore City in the South Western part of India. It is about a 30 km west to the heart of the city. It is a well established company located in the capital city of the state. The park offers verity of Caravans and motor homes. There is a water theme park with quiet a number of rides for both children and adults. ...
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