Porters Theory

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Porter tries explaining how the factor and demand conditions that mould a nation's corporate strategies for instance are established. This is because porter attempts to explain the comparative success of whole economies and the concomitant rise of globally competitive industries in particular countries, within the demand; companies and industrial clusters.


They have been left with options of relying on developed economies. This is evident through the fact that oversees organizations prevent the expansion of other companies in developing countries by the more fact that they have excellent skills, and finances.
To come up with a detailed informative report of relations economic progress is required something porter admits that his books lack a historic background of economic progress which is required. Cooperative strategies also require the laws of that specific country to be applied. Porter himself could not manipulate how things are run in a country. In order to try realizing change in the way things are run, one will need to be influential to the government. In Japan for instance, tradition, economic status and other minor characteristics influence how the nation runs its business. Hence an outsider would advice wrongly or not be at a position to get information on how the economy can establish itself. No wonder porter states that it's hard to get such information without historical information. (Kuznets 2000)
A nation's corporate strategies can also be improved through globalization of production through multinational corporations and International operations, instead of locally integrated industrial structures. This involves cooperate functions such procurement, management and design. ...
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