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Financial Management Degree

As the acquirer buys another company and pays cash to the target's shareholders, the bidding shareholders would be able to retain the same level of control in the company because their equity proportion is not diluted. To some shareholders, retaining the level of control over the whole entity after the target company has been acquired is one of the major considerations (McDougall & Chenhall). Another advantage of cash purchase to the bidding shareholders is that is is simple and straightforward. A cash offer would be more likely attractive to the target's shareholders especially when economic times are not so predictable, therefore the acquisition deal would prove to have higher success.
A major disadvantage to the acquirer would be the huge sum of cash that it has to raise in order to fulfil the deal. While it is less likely for a company to raise such a huge amount of cash from its retained earnings, it is necessary for the company to raise it through other means, such as by incurring debt. The dilution of the capital structure of the company through higher debt, which affects its risk and credit rating, is a major disadvantage. If the company already has a high amount of debt, the acquirer's shareholders would find that the huge amount of debt to raise cash and pay for the acquisition would erode the company's credit rating, and would increase the risk of each share that they hold.
From the point of view of the target's ...
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I. In a takeover bid, a business may wish to adopt methods such as cash, loan or share exchange. Discuss the merits and demerits of each of these methods from the viewpoint of (a) the bidding business shareholders, and (b) the target business shareholders.
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