Civil Engineering Management Portfolio

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Civil engineering is regarded as one of the oldest fields of engineering that has contributed substantially in changing the face of the planet. The components of this engineering comprises of specialised engineering subjects that are focused on development of large infrastructure services of the world that includes Town Water Supply systems, Underground Sewer systems, Hydro & Thermal Power Plants, Dams, High Voltage Transmission Systems & Transmission Lines, Overhead & Underground Railways, Roadways, Express Highways, Flyovers, Bridges over rivers & canals, Mass Transit Corridors, Airports, Manufacturing Plants, etc.


Construction has a long history, almost parallel to the development of civilization. Across the globe, construction is the biggest industry which is churning billions of dollars every year and providing employment to a large workforce - skilled as well as unskilled. As far as the UK is concerned, its output is worth over 100bn a year. It accounts for 8% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and provides employment for around 3 million workers (Vadera, Shriti and Woolas, Phil et al. 2008). Civil Engineering and the associated sub-disciplines are changing rapidly as a result of technology enhancements, growing concerns on local & global environment problems & commitment required to the ecosystem and the overall management system & quality control procedures that collectively comprise of the management portfolio of the profession. ...
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