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Setting up an Organic Farming Business

The mission of this business is to provide high quality, healthy, organic produce that is otherwise difficult to find. By targeting the right sellers and customers the business will be able to sustain itself and expand; the customer profile for the produce encompasses people who believe that fresh, organic produce is important to healthy living, and that the preservation of traditional, rare vegetables is important for the ecosystem and maintenance of high vitamin and mineral levels. Once a foundational customer base is established the business can expand to produce a wider variety of rare vegetables as well as seeds for home use. Land value will rise, however equipment will need maintenance and replacing regularly; as the business expands more land will need to be acquired.
By starting locally and selling organic produce in small farmer's markets a customer base will form, after which larger sellers can be called upon to buy in larger quantities. By focusing on unique produce with the organic label, this business will succeed where the average produce selling business fails.
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An organic farming business would not only offer various investment opportunities to interested parties, but would be competitive within the food industry market with much potential for growth. This business would require agricultural land, equipment for the various stages of planting, harvesting, cleaning and packaging produce, as well as labourers…
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