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Assignment example - Corporate Strategies

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O2 Plc is the largest mobile service provider in UK in terms of number of subscriber. Though the company leads in the UK market, it lags behind its competitors including Vodafone, T-Mobile, Orange, and 3 in terms of financial performance. The company capitalizes on its capability to offer add-on services and features through its strategic alliances and innovativeness…

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With its vision of enabling its customers to make the most of their world and possibilities though the services it offers, O2 plc (O2) accomplishes its commitment of providing mobile communication services in Europe. The business organisation also profits from its leading mobile internet portal business. Armed with its values of being bold, trusted, open, and clear, O2 continues its quest to become the telecommunication industry's market leader.
The creation of O2 in the 1990s can be traced backed to the decision of British Telecommunication to "demerge its mobile phone business" in order to strengthen the financial position of the latter. From its beginning, the firm is currently a major player in the various nations where it operates including the United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, Germany, the Isle of Man, and Asia. As the business organisation is focused on satisfying consumer needs, O2 strategic business units are classified according to their geographic locations. It should be noted that the products being offered varies in each region (O2 Plc 2006).
The major products of O2 are mobile telecommunication equipments which are either paid through installment plans or pre-paid. ...
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