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Economic Performance of Former USSR States

This discussion focuses on the economic performance of the former USSR states after independence and the economic relations between these countries as well as their trade, population, GDP growth, investments and debts. The essay highlights the GDP growth and economic performance of the countries like Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Latvia, Turkmenistan, Russia and other nations which have recently gained independence and separated from the former Soviet Union. Despite having been a part of one of the greatest superpowers, these countries except Russia are no longer prominent on the world map. Since gaining independence these former Soviet states are becoming increasingly strong in terms of economic growth and performance with relations between the states growing even better. Yet there remain several issues that suggest that these countries will have to recreate and restructure their economic strategies to emerge as economically powerful as the more advanced economies. In this review, a comparative analysis is provided showing economic growth and performance of the former Soviet states, their internal and external relations with neighboring countries and other former Soviet states as well as their comparative GDP and population growth. The objectives of the essay would be: 1. to identify the key players in post USSR countries discover the economic relations between the CIS countries and the level of their interdependency, and 3. to rank the major former Soviet states’ performance using country growth criteria. ...
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This essay discusses and focuses on the economic performance of the former USSR states after independence and the economic relations between these countries as well as their trade, population, the GDP growth and economic performance, investments and debts. …
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