Business and Informtion Systems

Case Study
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The increse of gret interest in inter-orgniztionl reltions is due to developments in technology nd mrkets. In technology, there is fst development nd prolifertion of novel opportunities, e.g. in informtion nd communiction technology (ICT), micro-mechnics, optics, sensors, their combintion in robotiztion, biotechnology, new mterils nd surfce technologies.


Thus new sources of competitive dvntge--coordinting nd integrtion skills--become strtegic wepon tht is not rooted in trditionl fctors. The requirements of globl sourcing, rel-time informtion shring, mss customiztion nd virtul clustering of ctivities redefine ntionl competitiveness--nd the links between firms nd their home territories--in wys significntly different from those envisioned erlier. Current pper presents n overview of orgniztionl business strtegy in terms of ITC inititive to support business nd build competitive dvntge. Prticulrly, the cse of Tesco grocery is provided to cover the issues of corporte informtion nd communiction strtegy.
s well s operting in the UK, it hs stores in the rest of Europe nd si. It lso provides online services through its subsidiry, The UK is the compny's lrgest mrket operting under four bnners: Extr, Superstore, Metro nd Express.
Tesco sells pproximtely 40,000 food products in its superstores, s well s clothing nd other non-food lines. The compny's own-lbel products re t three levels, vlue, norml nd finest. Own brnd ccounts for pproximtely 50% of sles.
s well s convenience produce, mny stores hve gs sttions. The compny hs become one of Britin's lrgest petrol independent retilers. ...
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