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Chinese Logistics Companies

However foreign competitors pay attention to this potential market due to the fact that their existing operational capabilities elsewhere can be effectively utilized in China. Flynn (2006) argues that foreign logistics companies entering the Chinese market, especially after WTO accession, brought tremendous pressure to bear on the local companies. This situation forces them to improve their technology and reformulate their strategy. At the same time, the Chinese government recognizes the significance of the logistics industry to China's continuing economic prosperity. Millar (2006), for instance has shown that the Chinese government has seen logistics as a strategic imperative. Gradual deregulation combined with immense investment in the transportation infrastructure to improve the logistics development is an inevitable outcome of this desire. While, depending on the government's help is not enough. The logistics companies must revise their strategies to promote their competitive advantage to coordinate with the policy. If they cannot they will be left behind. Realizing how to devise strategy for logistics companies in China to fit in the tough market environment is becoming more and more important to the logistics companies.
The aim of this research paper is to highlight on logistics op ...
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The subprime crisis has had an enormous effect on the global financial markets. It has also affected the Chinese economy. China's economy has been faced with many difficulties which include global slowdown, the undulation of the oil price, pressure of RMB appreciation and inflation…
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