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Strategies in Action

One of the key considerations, when looking at global strategies is the state of the global economy. There has been much debate as to whether globalisation consists of one single global market. It is necessary to think whether a uniform global strategy is one, which is 100% uniform and standardised, or just its key elements.
It must acknowledge that companies that operate in overseas markets do so in order to expand their businesses and reach as well as stave off competition. "Even businesses whose focus has traditionally been on domestic markets are finding they must compete across borders not just to prosper but also to survive". (Kanso and Nelson, 2002, p.87)
Regarding terminology, it is important to acknowledge that different academics may use the same terminology for different types of companies; confusion can arise with different companies & markets, which interpret slightly differently depending on the author.
An organisation's global strategy(s) is dependent upon where the competitive advantage(s) for the product(s) or service(s) lies. This links win with Thompson, Strickland and Gamble (2007, p227) belief that there are four strategic issues relevant to competing across national boundaries. Issues are, whether to customise a company is offering in each different country to the taste of products. ...
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This assignment will look at the evidence supporting uniform global strategies as a successful business strategy in an international market place and adapting strategies to national preferences/differences in international operations, comparing and contrasting the strengths and weaknesses of both approaches in what is a growing global economy.
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