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Essay example - Business Practices

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The question of what can we do to employ the work organizational principles to our own organization lies with individual dedication to the company. One, regardless of which department or level of management he or she is in within the organization, can make a pace to improve the day-day operations of the company and have a view of how the operations are designed, performed and organized in different sections in the company…

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While reviewing the work organization in the Company, one should ask themselves: why is the job organized in that manner Will that organization of the work help to meet the needs of the client as well as satisfy the staff responsible for it Are the installed step and operations in the job organization necessary or are there more appropriate approaches of having the job done better
In most cases, individuals don't perceive the work operations, more so the connections between the job or operation they are carrying on with and other people's job. Getting all the people working in a certain process together assists in making them elaborate their step in the bigger operation hence able to design together a core sketch of the working operations of the whole process flow.
According to USAID, getting a visual image of the real flow of the operation and making comparison with the ideal process indicates the step that is missing in the whole process. This still can show that there are some more crucial steps that can help have a job done better. It also shows that a certain process might be making a bottleneck. This process can be employed to indicate the steps that usually confuse staff or posse some limitations to getting services by the clients. ...
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