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Case Study example - Bhopal Disaster

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Case Study
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The unfortunate incident that took place on December 2, 1984 in the Bhopal state of India is the classic example of unethical practices by a corporation that resulted in loss of thousands of precious lives.
The incident was attributed to water leakage into methyl isocyanide (MIC) holding tank, due to slip blind water isolation plates that were excluded from another tank's lack of maintenance procedures' application…

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These include non-compliance with safety rules, lack of employee training to deal with safety standards, location of the plant close to a densely populated area and other reasons that surfaced right after the disaster.
Business ethics refers to the corporate philosophy and mindset about the rights, obligations, duties, responsibilities and conduct for doing business. There is no universal principle for ethics, however several theories were proposed.
Right after the disaster, Union Carbide (UCC) and their local partners in India, Union Carbide of India Limited (UCIL) started blaming each other and tried to pass the buck in hope of saving themselves for being responsible for the disaster. Hence, they failed to display Duty Ethics that refers to carrying out activities based on objective duties and obligations.
The Golden Rule of ethics is to act in a way one wants others to act towards him/her. Similarly, 'the professional ethic' paradigm 'asks to take actions that a disinterested panel of professional colleagues would view as proper' (Laczniak, 1983). The Utilitarian Principle for ethics refers to acting in a way that is best for the greatest number. ...
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