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International Business To Business Marketing - Essay Example

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The term supply management is often referred to as "material management." Materials management is described by Anakwe (2000) as "procurement activities; inventory management; receiving activities; stores and warehousing; in-plant materials handling; production planning scheduling and control; traffic and transportation; surplus and salvage." (2000, p.40) recognised this and suggested that supply management is "the identification, acquisition, access, positioning, and management of resources the organisation needs or potentially needs in the attainment of its strategic objectives." Although these descriptions are useful, it is important to realise that the practice of purchasing and supply man…

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International Business To Business Marketing

This may be summarised by the observation that the behaviour of a complex system cannot be understood completely by the segregated analysis of its constituent parts. However, Beverland (2002) suggested the use of this idea in regard to supply chains is neither consistent nor straightforward. New also argued that the supply chain metaphor is used in many ways, but three meanings dominate discussion: "supply chain" from the perspective of an individual firm; "supply chain" related to a particular product or item (such as the supply chain for beef, or cocaine, or oil); and "supply chain" used as a handy synonym for purchasing, distribution, and materials management (Larson, 1998). Supply chain management can mean any one of these things, but one aspect is certain: Purchasing and/or outsourcing activity is being undertaken (Barkema, 1997). ...
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