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Research Proposal example - Management Consulting Assignment

High school
Research Proposal
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Taylersons Malmesbury Syrups brand is a new brand of its kind in the market. This paper focuses on creating a strong brand with a clear emphasis on its top quality product. As in the case of that other brands already penetrated the market in the existing community, Taylersons Malmesbury Syrups also has its own recognition because of its high product quality…

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Each type of their product has a specific focus. This paper is intends to provide a clear understanding of what Taylersons Malmesbury Syrups brand is, why and how it is managed, and what are the dynamics involved in managing brands in the present context of competitive market.
Taylersons Malmesbury Syrups is a privately owned company, incorporated in April 2007. All of their product processing is done at their plant in Maple Heights, Ohio. They own the real estate, building etc, and all of the manufacturing equipment are a debt free, profitable operation. Taylersons Malmesbury Syrups is inspected, and approved, by the Federal FDA, State Agricultural Department and local Health Department.
The company's primary business is the manufacturing of concentrated fruit juices, cocktail mixes and beverage syrups sold to the Food Service market and to national restaurant chains, hospitals, and nursing homes. They are constantly researching and developing new products that fulfil the customers' requirements.
TAYLERSON'S MALMESBURY SYRUPS are flavoured syrups, using the finest ingredients including pure Madagascan Vanilla or natural Apple & Cinnamon. ...
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