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Essentials of Marketing

Hence the founders of Innocent have ensured that the product speaks for itself about the company and the brand name. Unlike the service sector, Innocent is not customer centric, however the product is developed with the customer expectations in mind and the quality of the product acts as the promotional factor (Jobber, 2004). The denial of Innocent to be exported to countries where it is not possible to transport overnight indicates the importance given to the product specifications. Though the cost of the product is substantially high, the entire cost goes into the product unlike other brands in the same sector that have a huge advertising spend. Currently, Innocent does not have any loyalty programs or other customer centric costs, unlike other companies. The main reason is that Innocent has based its marketing strategy on the product quality and belief that the customers who are satisfied with the product will definitely come back for more (Groonroos, 1994). On the contrary, the service sector stresses on customer loyalty programs in order to build a relationship with the customer. This result in added costs for the company which then goes into the price of the product or service provided (Fisk et al, 2000).
Innocent is a product oriented brand and has given due consideration to the tra ...
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Innocent, from the very beginning, has focussed on producing a quality product. It is evident from the amount of research carried out on the recipes and also on the market demand for the particular product, by Richard Reed and his friends. The company took almost nine months to develop the processes for the production of Innocent smoothies, as the quality of the final product was given due consideration…
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