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Sustainable Logistic - Case Study Example

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Author : willhowe


PlastCo Ltd. Though being one of the few plastic re-processors in the UK, faces many issues so far as it's logistic and supply chain management is concerned. The primary reason behind most of the problems pertaining to logistic and supply chain management being faced by PlastCo Ltd…

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Sustainable Logistic

One factor that is drastically impacting the viability of the firm under consideration is its inability to forge and coordinate channel relationships. The company definitely has an insatiable demand for plastic waste and there also exists an abundant supply of the plastic waste in the UK. Still PlastCo has failed to strike mutual strategic alliances with the plastic waste suppliers to ensure an uninterrupted and reliable supply of plastic waste.
Information management is the key factor that determines success in logistical operations. PlastCo has failed to incorporate integrated information technology solutions within its logistic and supply chain management operations. The information portals and networks being used by the firm are outdated and inefficient.
One other aspect that is jeopardizing the logistic viability of PlastCo is its inability to define the operational and economic functions of the warehouses at its disposal. A possible realignment of the operational mechanisms within its warehouses will certainly add to the firm's efficiency and cost effectiveness.
Maintenance of cordial and symbiotic channel relationships will bring in an element of predictability to its plastic waste requirements. ...
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