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Essay example - Globalization and Education

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Globalization is a term used in 1960s but it is a concept of 1990s" ( in Mok and Chan 260). Guillen (2001) puts together many definitions of globalization to give a glimpse of its elaborate meaning. Globalization occurs as a result of transnational exchange of goods, services, money, people, information, and culture (Held et al as cited in Guellin, 2001, p 236)…

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The modernization theory finds main effect of globalization on societies which converge as a result of spread of markets and technology. However, complete loss of identity of various societies the world over is highly unlikely.
Sociologist Giddens further adds a noteworthy point to the definition of globalization. He states that it fragments a society by giving benefits unevenly; advantages to some strata of society while others remain deprived, thus the effect of globalization can not be seen as generalized change occurring uniformly, a statement that applies well to the current state of Asian nations. The thought of convergence of societies seems somewhat superficial as the main impact of globalization. Guellin (2001) takes Giddens' definition further stating that there is more inequality between countries than it was ten or even hundred years ago while the wage inequality has taken the form of a problem in the highly developed nations also. Levitt (as cited in Guellin, 2001, p252) probably based his studies on consumption of goods across world when he stated that the consumer of the world has become cosmopolitan. ...
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