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Business Research - Essay Example

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Current times have realized an unprecedented increase in the number of trials and convictions related to unethical research practices by businesses, such as pharmaceutical companies. Although the relevant laws and regulations have been enacted and amended to help solve issues of…

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Business Research

Since historical times, researchers have performed harmful experiments on fellow human beings, all for their selfish gains, disregarding the established rules, regulations and ethical principles (Eckart, 2006). What is more, these tests have been done illegally, minus the knowledge, consent, or even the informed consent of participants. For instance, study subjects have been injected with deadly or debilitating pathogens, exposed to deadly biological and chemical weapons, toxic and radioactive chemicals, surgical experiments, and mind-changing drugs (Eckart, 2006). Unfortunately, children are the most targeted and affected group in these experiments. This case study on unethical business research features a former gastroenterologist at Londons Royal Free Hospital named Andrew Wakefield. In 1998, Wakefield published in the Medical Journal Lancet, a study in which he linked the triple Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR) vaccine with autism and bowel disorders in children. In addition to this publication, Wakefield made public statements that made the public to panic and avoid the vaccine.
Later, the study by Wakefield would be discredited and the MMR vaccine declared safe for use. In fact, the UK authorities later discovered that the manner in which the gastroenterologist had conducted his research was unethical (Harrell, 2010). According to the General Medical Council’s ruling, Wakefield had conducted himself not only dishonestly but also irresponsibly with an uncaring disregard for the child-participants. Nonetheless, Wakefield would term the ruling unjust and state that he had no regrets over his findings. The General Medical Council criticized Wakefield for various misconducts including his use of invasive tests such as colonoscopies and spinal taps on the children with utter disregard to the side effects of these methods on the children and his method of obtaining blood samples by bribing the children with $8 during his son’s birthday (Harrell, 2010). ...
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