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Company Strategic Analysis Paper: General Motors - Essay Example

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Strategic Analysis: General Motors Introduction Continuing losses and market share declines caused by drastic fall in sales forced General Motors to file for bankruptcy protection in 2009. Subsequent to filing Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, General Motors was renamed as Motors Liquidation Company (MLC)…

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Company Strategic Analysis Paper: General Motors

This strategic analysis paper will examine MLC’s external and internal environments, business and corporate level strategies, organizational structure and overall competitive position. External and competitive environments There are specific analysis models used for evaluating a firm’s external and competitive environments. PEST analysis is the model designed to assess a company’s external environment whereas its competitive environment can be analyzed using Porter’s five forces model. PEST analysis of MLC While analyzing the political factors affecting MLC, it seems that various laws and government level regulations have been affecting the company for the last half century. Evidently, consumers today are highly concerned about health and environmental sustainability. Hence, such consumer concerns would force governments to enforce some strict regulations on automobile manufacturing. Since the present global economy is not stable, it does not offer favorable business environment to MLC. To illustrate, in an inconsistent business environment, it would be difficult for the company to allot sufficient operating funds; and this may affect the MLC’s operational efficiency. Socio-cultural factors raise potential expansional opportunities for MLC since today’s automobile consumer are moving towards more feature oriented vehicles. ...
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