Use the infromation discuss in class to analyze the person or a company with a communications clallenges. Focus your discussion around the following three points: 1) Summarize the challanges faced by the individual or company involved. What was the ' - Essay Example

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Use the infromation discuss in class to analyze the person or a company with a communications clallenges. Focus your discussion around the following three points: 1) Summarize the challanges faced by the individual or company involved. What was the '

The employees’ personal work goals significantly differed from the company’s organizational goals and objectives. The company prioritized quantity of work output over the quality of work output. Management preferred its employees worked for more overtime hours. With more overtime hours, more accounting and other business-related tasks were accomplished. However, the employees’ overtime hours unfavorably countered the employees’ having a close knit family and more personal life time. Some employees preferred to stop work after rending eight long quality hours each day. The average employee preferred leaving the company after the labor law’s required eight working hours to be with loved ones.
To reduce the employee turnover ratio, a survey was conducted to determine the reasons behind the mass early exodus of valuable and bright employees (Moritz, 2014). The survey showed the majority of the new recruits left Price Waterhouse within less than three years. The employees felt they did not see a long fruitful future in the company. The disheartened and bored employees did not find the company offer job flexibility. Next, the young employees’ preference for a balanced work and personal life experience opposed the Price Waterhouse’s prioritizing more hours allocated to work and lesser time allocated for family gatherings and other personal matters.
The survey indicated that the survey results were replicated in other branches located around the world. One of the branch areas is the Europe work environment. Another branch area is the United States work environment. A third branch area is classified as the Asian work environment.
In response to the above issue, management officers favorably (positively) offered more incentives to the hardworking employees (Guffey, 2012). The incentives included the employee’s rewards ...
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The paper delves on the one bad thing, high employee turnover ratio. The paper focuses on the company’s response to reduce the number of employee…
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