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Managing Business Operations: UPS Customer Inserts His/Her Name Customer Inserts Grade Course Customer Inserts 31-10-2012 Operational Management Issues at the Olympics The Olympic Games is the major sporting event worldwide to host and manage…

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Public stakeholders who consist of area residents, local entrepreneurs, and foreigners touring the area in question are some of the many stakeholders drawn in with issues affecting the Olympic Games. Other major stakeholders include the government, sports and tourism organizations, volunteer organizations, and the Organizing committee for the Olympic Games. Officials from each host city strive to host the best games possible, envisioning the longevity of positive impacts. Mega sporting events such as the Olympics, Paralympics and the FIFA World Cup have significant potential to leave a social, economic and infrastructure legacy for the host community and country (Coward, & Konstantinidis, 25). In fact, the events are often marketed on this basis. The potential legacies are recognized in the charters of both the International Olympic Committee and the International Paralympics Committee (Dickson, Edwards, Darcy, Benson, & Blackman, 34). Operational management was a huge part of preparing for the Olympics (Nick 4). All characteristics of project management including performance time and costs were to be analyzed and properly executed. It is important for a logistics person to keep in mind having time to plan, good communications, careful tracking and control, meeting the deadline and meeting goals (Richard 12). Risk management was also a big part of the management issues. ...
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