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Eval of Persuasive Biz Prez on TED.com

ela in the given Ted.com video is based on her observational and research conclusions and does corroborate the conclusions arrived at by varied business personalities and leaders over decades.
However, the problem with Angela’s conclusion is that it is very narrow in its scope and perspective. Yes, it does take grit and perseverance to be a success in life, but it is also true that the people who succeed and emerge to be leaders also tend to have an array of varied other capacities and abilities like the capacity for engaging in team work, the ability for social and professional networking, the capacity to engage in effective communication and to listen, cultural literacy, soft skills and flexibility. Thereby, Angela’s conclusion just enunciates one side of the story. Success is usually the outcome of a range of skills and capabilities, and grit happens to be one major aspect of this ...
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In the above Ted.com video, the business leader Angela Lee Duckworth did touch upon the panacea for lifetime success, which is grit, the capacity to hold on to one’s dreams over time, the stamina to carry on with repetitive and demanding tasks over years to gain eventual…
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