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Aldehydes:C2H4O - Research Paper Example

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Aldehyde is any organic compounds class where the carbon atom shares a double bond with another oxygen atom, one bond with a group/ single atom or one bond with any hydrogen atom (Lewis, 2007). The double bond existing between the oxygen and carbon is a primary characteristic of…

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A detailed examination of C2H4O molecule is provided as the main aldehyde under study (Lide, 2007).
Aldehydes pass through numerous chemical reactions, including polymerization. The combination of aldehydes with other types of molecules yielded the aldehyde condensation polymers. The polymers are used in plastics, for instance, Formica (laminate table top) and Bakelite (Bretherick, 1990). The aldehydes are also important for making perfumes, solvents, and intermediaries for the manufacture of pharmaceuticals and dyes. Some aldehydes are also included in the physiological processes. Some examples include pyridoxal phosphate (a basic form of Vitamin 6) and retinal which is important in people’s vision (called vitamin A aldehyde). The reducing sugars like glucose are also aldehyde. Others include synthetic and natural hormones (WHO, 2009).
Some aldehydes are of great industrial importance and have been used as flavouring agents, perfumes, and solvents. Some aldehydes are used as intermediaries in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals and dye. Some aldehydes naturally exist in the flavouring agents. These include benzaldehyde, which releases fresh almonds natural flavor and odour. Vanilla, the basic flavouring agent of the famous vanilla beans, oil of cinnamon or cinnamaldehyde (Mackison et al., 1981).
Additionally, some aldehyde performs essential functionalities in some living organisms and humans. For example, cellulose, starch, and sugars are based on compounds that have in them traces of ketone group and aldehydes long with hydroxyl groups. Others are steroid hormones like testosterone, progesterone, aldosterone, and cortisone that are ketones (Lide, 2007).
Acetaldehyde/ ethanol are used in the process of production/ manufacture of perfumes, basic dye, and polyester resins. Acetaldehyde is also used as foods preservatives, fruit and fish preservative, as a denaturant for ...
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