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Cerebral palsy

William Little in 1861 and then this disease was called little disease for a long time. After some time Little’s idea was changed to some extent by some other physicians such as Sigmund Feud proposing that even insults during pregnancy faced by the mother can cause this disorder in the child even before the birth. Major causes of Cerebral Palsy occur in parental age which is known as age from birth to first five years (Berker and Yalcin, 47-57). CP is the most common cause of the disability occurring in childhood in Western Societies. It was thought previously that increased cared during, pregnancy, infant caring system and early parental period can decrease the intensity of the disease yet it is not proved as probability of the disease increased between 1980’s and 1990’s greatly. Certain factors that are involved in the early child hood can increase the chances of CP (cerebral palsy) to occur in the children. Even presence of a single risk among all the risk factors involved in the aid of disease to happen can increase the chance of disorder to happen in the child as compared to the normal population of babies. Risk factors involved are divided into three main types that prenatal, perinatal and postnatal factors. Prematurity and low birth rates that exist heavily in the western countries are the two main factors that lead to CP. ...
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Date: Cerebral palsy It is a disorder in movement or posture that happens in infancy or early childhood years. The main reason detected so far is the damage results in a non-progress behavior of the brain sometimes even before the birth and sometimes after the birth also…
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