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Creative Writing
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I have decided to write a fictional piece of work. I have based my work on the life journey of a girl, who faces challenges in the modern western society because of her ethnicity and religion and how these challenges act.


Tamara’s grandfather had tried to raise his voice against such fatally dangerous customs and, as a result of it, had been banished from the tribe. I will give background on how he makes it to England and raises Tamara’s father in accordance with the culture of his forefathers but omitting all harmful practices of that culture. Tamara is a typical western teenager with average looks and a few beautiful features, but she is a victim of an identity crises inflicted by the strong pull of two opposite forces; Tamara’s mother and Tamara’s grandfather whose character I shall explain later. I will trace Tamara’s development from a meek girl into a strong woman who decides to build her own identity in face of heavy opposition by her best friend, Agatha, and her mother. Mrs. Odua Brown and the eventual transition she inspires in their respective views. She travels along with Rajab, her lover, and Agatha to Kenya to work on a thesis she decides to write for her university degree. This is an intentional choice by her as she wants to fulfill her grandfather’s desire of saving the unique culture of their ancestors from the damage some of the customs are inflicting upon it. I will write in some detail the interesting travel stories through Africa that these friends will experience and how they change some of their views and strengthen others. Then she travels back to Birmingham and highlights the plight of her people through a book she writes based on her thesis. ...
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