Determining Causes and Effects

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Determining Causes and Effects – Draft Version C. A state representative to the U.S. has asked you (a congressional aide) to write a paper on the causes and effects of water pollution in Lake Huron. The paper will be provided to the state’s fish and game board as well as various committees for improving public health.


Should critical studies be conducted on the causes and effects of water pollution in Lake Huron therefore, chances are that the situation will cease with immediate effect. This is because knowing the causes of the problem will lead to the development of an intervention and solution that will only scrub the problem from the surface but from its deepest roots. Moreover, knowing the effects of the pollution of the Lake will lead to an awareness and sensitization on the part of the general public on the need to stop polluting the water source. Causes of Pollution of Lake Huron Like many other water sources, Lake Huron is one the water bodies in North America that continues to be plagued with dumping of waste from industries and factories as its major cause of pollution (Hot Indies News, 2012).). The activities of these industries and factories can be praised as a source of revamping industrialization and boosting the growth of America’s economy. However, the irresponsible disposal of waste produced from these sources continues to be the number source of pollution in Lake Huron and many other sources of water in America. This is because most of these manufacturing industries have their waste disposal channels linked either directly to the lake or other sources of water that flow into the lake. ...
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