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Next Generation Weather Satellites

in this research paper called "Next generation weather satellites'', the author describes the perspective that our world can achieve with modern meteorological equipment. This theme is underlooked from the technical side, so this paper will be helpful for students of Technical faculties or Design. The author strongly believes that next generation weather satellites are still in production, while others are still in the design process for maximum efficiency and reliability possible, as well as operational life. As a result, there is a need to look at the next generational weather satellites based on their design and technological features onboard that are used for weather forecasting and planning purposes. The design of next generation weather satellites is dependent on a number of aspects, of which the cost of production is one, and this plays a crucial role in determining how soon these systems can be operational. As such, the cost of facilitating the creation of next generation weather satellites is high and therefore requires a large amount of capital. This is following the steps used in the design of different technologies used in this heavy equipment in that there are the design fees. Current programs in this venture of producing next generation weather satellites have faced significant constraints from financial pressure and shortcomings, where most of the projects to produce them have overrun their budgets.
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In this research paper is going about satellites that were manufactured consistently in order to assist in measuring the elements of weather. The new technological equipment provides better prophecy of the weather alongside with risk diversification of nature-inducted disasters…
Author : nolanreba
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