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6. Carry out initial calculations and/or justifications as required In order to make design process simple, the design of the bike is adopted from existing designs of the mountain bikes being manufactured by various companies with slight modifications.


The dimensions of the frame should be decided while considering the size of the power source it has to accommodate. The options under consideration (the conversion kit, Honda GX 35 and the AC Motor) have different size so the selection of the frame should be made in accordance with the largest size. The ease of accommodating the power source can also be increased by carefully selecting a location for installing the source. The largest dimensions are of Honda GX 35 i.e. 7.8” × 9.8” × 12.7”.

The calculations of the resistive forces are very simple because the only resistive force to the motion of the bicycle is the frictional force (Wormell). The frictional force can be coupled with the gravitational force while the bicycle is travelling on an inclined surface. For an inclined surface we can assume an angle of 4-8 degrees at the tourist resort at roads where the bike can travel. We will do the calculations for 8o inclined plane.
Pr = µs FN + W sin α
Where Pr is the total resistive force
µs is the coefficient of friction taken as 0.005 for bicycle tyres
FN is the normal force equal to the weight (mg) of the bicycle and the driver
W is the combined weight of the bicycle and the driver = mg (mass × gravitational acceleration)
α is the angle of inclination of the road = 8o
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