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Student Name Student ID Lecturer Submission Date University LinkedIn provides an excellent platform for professionals to come in close contact with one another and find out whether they have the desired strengths which an organization looks forward to having within its fore.


Even though the professional community is on the rise with the passage of time, it is without a doubt that LinkedIn fosters productivity and growth across the board, creates avenues for development for the individuals and lets them stay in touch until a business call is made, and remade for future endeavors that are undertaken. The role of the professionals is to solicit the development to come about in such a manner that they get in close contact with one another, and thus stay in touch for a long period of time (Cocheo, 2009). They must grow collectively by keeping in association with one another so that their mutual friends and acquaintances also come about to increase and expand the basis of the business in the coming times through LinkedIn. As a professional, I can use LinkedIn to get in close association with people who have similar interests. To get up close and professional with human services professionals, I need to know where I can have all of them at a single point. This would mean that I need to make a group page for myself where I could solicit invitations from people who have similar interests and whose area of work are much the same. This would keep them all tied up at a single location and allow them to grow collectively. ...
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