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Energy Harvesting

Energy harvesting, therefore, can be defined as “The process in which energy is captured from a system’s environment and converted into usable electric power” (Maxim, 2011). The law of conservation of energy is the basis for energy harvesting. Energy can be converted from one form to another and the total amount of energy in an isolated system remains the same (Clark, 2004). Therefore, energy whether in form of wind, kinetic, chemical and others can be converted to electrical energy. 2. METHODS OF HARVESTING ENERGY Energy harvesting produces electric energy from ambient energy sources, present in large and small systems. Recovering a fraction of this energy can have a significant economic and environmental impact. These systems widely vary in sizes. On the macro scale, hydro electricity, tidal power, solar panels and wind turbines can produce MegaWatts. On a smaller scale, immediately available energy such as vibration, heat and light energy can be used to produce milliWatts. A typical energy harvesting system converts energy from the source and stores that energy. Capacitors are used in large scale systems, whereas, batteries are used in small scale systems for storage of energy. ...
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ENERGY HARVESTING by Haider Cheema Academia Research 1. INTRODUCTION Energy is the basis for the functioning of any system. We are surrounded by energy in different forms. With growth in technology and industry, energy requirements have grown with it. Conventionally we have depended on fossil fuels, which are finite and environmentally costly to meet our energy requirements…
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