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Research Design Student’s name: Professor’s name Course Code: Date: Abstract According to Economic Research conducted by United States of America Department of Agriculture (USDA), one million, sixty three thousand, eight hundred and sixty four households (1,063,864) are food insecure in Florida.


The paper will also address low-income county residents profile and issues they face during food procurement, the causes and impacts of food sufficiency and insufficiency and lastly best policy recommendations based on the two issues. Introduction Child hunger in Florida remains extremely at high levels. According to United States of America Department of Agriculture (USDA) data, in 2009, fifty point two million (50.2M) Americans inhabited households that are food insecure. According to SNAP (Supplement Nutrition Assistance Program), about one third of the population have approximately 20% children staying in households that are food insecure. Consequences of hunger are adverse to all Americans. However, children and mothers are severely affected. It influences their development and growth. Hunger is a crucial harsh health conditions predictor. It is often associated with school-age children and preschoolers behavior problems. The number of emergency food assistance seeking individuals has been on the rise. The number of individuals seeking food assistance from the American food banks has increased by 46 % that is from, twenty five million to thirty seven million. Literature Review In Central Florida, assistance in terms of food is issued via a low-income program based in Florida. ...
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