E-commerce: assessing quality of a website

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Life in this century has come to be driven by technology and the increased revolution in information technology has seen increased provision of information through the internet. There has been the development of search engines which assists the users to access the information that they want from the internet. …


The quality of a website is very important as far as its use by customers is concerned. This is because users are likely to visit website where there are likely to get the information that they want. As the rate of use of internet increases, so is the rate of competition on the internet. Therefore it has become imperative for organization to come up with quality websites that meets the requirement of the users. Two key components that are essential in determine the relevance and attractive of the user are design and functionality of the website which determines the attractiveness of the websites. In the design of the website, the search engine should be easy for use by the user. This means the design must provide for an efficient way of accessing the information. It must not limit the amount of information that the user can access unless it is for security or commercial purposes. When we compare the two website, there are a number of issues that comes out as far as their design and functionality is concerned. The Manchester United website approach to have used modern technology as it has little information on the home page as compared to the Hilton hotel website. The Hilton hotel website has been designed to give all the information that the user may require to know about the hotel and its operation.
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