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Growing up in the Henan province of China, I was often exposed to the rudimentary to advanced math and science techniques. The schools that I attended concentrated on the science and math subjects and introduction to various fields relating to the same…


Growing up in the Henan province of China, I was often exposed to the rudimentary to advanced math and science techniques. The schools that I attended concentrated on the science and math subjects and introduction to various fields relating to the same.By the time I reached Middle School, I had developed a keen interest in Physics and its relation to everday life. Physics and Math were the two subjects that I excelled at the most during this educational period. My exceptional ability in solving Physics problems led to my recieving a second-class reward during the Olympic Physics Competition that was held in Henan. Such were my skills and abilities in the field of Physics that when I first came to America to continue my college studies, I concentrated even more on the study of Physics. It was not long before I began to once again display my prowess in the field of Physics and Math at school. It was not uncommon for me to garner first place or full points in my Math and Physics classes. Due to my skills, I found myself being drafted into membership of the Asian Engineering Club. This was where my interest in the field of electrical engineering began to take root. My constant exposure to the fields of electronics and computers through the club experiments and school competitions further fueled my desire to learn more about this particular field of math. Part 2 Electrical engineering was like a sophisticated dance number to me. It was a waltz of numbers and scientific equations that often resulted in exciting results for me. ...
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