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Higher Education in England

It has been concluded that each student spends only around 26 hours of time per week for both private study and teaching.
Another report on UK universities, in particular, universities in England, shows that the stress levels of students undergoing higher education are more than the level prescribed by health and Safety Executive (HSE) for good health.(Ashley)
A report developed by National Union of Students (NUS) shows that the students are well aware of their daily expenditure, but not sure of the hidden costs they spend. These include travelling, food bought during travelling, in shops and restaurants. (NUS student experience report)
The report also shows the average percentage of people worried about their financial situation. It shows that 13% of the total are very much worried and stressed out about their financial situation whereas 16% of students don't give much attention to it. The rest of students were not aware of how much they spend.(NUS student experience report)
According to recent survey conducted on a group of students, a larger database of information was generated with predefined set of questions. ...
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Students pursuing their higher education in England have a lot of issues to be content with in the present and coming academic years. The increasing inflation and the financial crisis has affected every common man and more so, every student. There are several issues one has to deal with…
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