The Challenge of e-Learning in global organization

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This chapter discusses the challenges and difficulties which E-Learning is facing. There are many limitations to E-Learning; the very first challenge that e-learning had faced was E-learning materials. The issue discussed is that the content of such learning materials and programs must satisfy both learners' demand and the organizations' strategic requirements.


Financial constraints are also one of the issues faced by E-Learning. This chapter also discusses cost of learning and the effectiveness of E-Learning. To clear the stand point of E-Learning it has evaluated E-Learning, and defined it through evaluation approaches with the help of tables. 40
The conclusion chapter has wrapped up the whole dissertation. Discusses Learning as a critical support mechanism for organizations. It elaborates the limitations of E-learning and summarizes that challenges facing by globalizing organization in adapting E-learning. Lastly this chapter defines the limitations of study acknowledged. 61
The development of the Internet has been affecting human resource management in many ways. E-learning has been a popular trend due to information technology and network implementation. Training methods within organisations are facing revolution, and e-learning is a mainstream of educational training. Nowadays, adopting e-learning is widespread all over the world but this percentage is relatively low in Taiwan. In order to answer the reasons why developing and implementing e-learning should be progressed in a coherent way, this dissertation identifies key issues regarding the use of e-learning in global organisations. The report draws on the results of a case study in Taiwan.
In this dissertation, conclusions ...
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