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Assignment example - Planning and Reviewing a Unit of Work

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There are three top set classes with 30 pupils in each class. In the second set there are five classes, also with 30 students each, and in the third set there are two classes that have 20 students per class.The three bottom set classes have 10 (some might be less) students per class.

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Data Handling is first taught in primary school. In fact, my daughter who is in year 3 (1st year of junior school) has done a survey by counting different type of transport (cars, van, motorbike etc) at a traffic lights and drawing a bar chart using the data.
In the key objectives for the Year 3 the DfEE (1999) (Framework p3) states that, "Solve a given problem by organizing and interpreting numerical data in simple lists, tables and graphs". In year 4 they are taught the vocabulary of data handling, such as survey, questionnaire, data, tally charts ..etc. They will also look at and create graphs like bar and pictogram - where the symbol represents several units - in details. This theme of work is then continued in year 5, 6 and onwards.
The handling of data is an established part of the National Curriculum at all key stages. It makes up a significant part of the curriculum and also a regular feature in the exams. Handling data also appears in the other cross-curricular subjects such as ICT, History and Geography and many more.
According to the National Curriculum, students should be taught all four phases of the data ...
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