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Pharmacy education: personal

Education gives one a sense of direction and also increases one's level of awareness.An educated individual is looked up to, by the society as a beacon for further development and growth.I am person who believes in the above written lines! I believe that it also gives me the opportunity to perform my duties with utmost dedication and wisdom.This, coupled with the fact that my talent and core interests lie in this field are the driving forces behind my great interest in obtaining education in the field of Pharmacy. In today's world, the field of Medicine is of immense importance to individuals and countries, alike. In this whole process, pharmacy in an inevitable part, since apart from pure medication, the right guidance from professionals in terms of medication, is very important to help patients overcome their fear for and grief towards the acceptance of diseased conditions.The main reason behind my choice of choosing Pharmacy as my career option, is the fact that I want to learn more and obtain more knowledge about the subject. From personal experiences, I have seen my father suffer from asthma and my grandmother suffering from high blood pressure and diabetes. During these instances, I was asked to go to medical shops and get the required medicines and drugs. However, my lack of knowledge frustrated me. ...
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Education gives one a sense of direction and also increases one's level of awareness.An educated individual is looked up to, by the society as a beacon for further development and growth.I am person who believes in the above written lines! …
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