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Causes / Effects of Part Time Jobs to College Students - Essay Example


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Causes / Effects of Part Time Jobs to College Students

This study looks into causes and effects of part-time jobs on students and their two effects. Kristina, Mariah. Experimental Education; Part Time Jobs. March 2003. Kristina observes that many of the students’ who engage themselves in part-time jobs are foreign students who need to provide for their fees as well as improve and learn their language, especially if their language does not match with that of that country. According to Kristina, part-time jobs have helped foreign students to learn about different cultures and improve their language. This is because, they are able to meet many different people in the course of the day, as well as mix and speak with them about customs, cultures and festivals, at their work places. Tony, Mark. and Mark, Brewell. How Students Search for Vocational Employment .1997. There are both positive and negative impacts of part time jobs on the students. These students gain experience and numerous skills from their interaction with people at work. They get to gain knowledge about life and improve their communication skills through improving their language. When they start earning, the student achieves independence, financially, which leads to development in skills of managing money, as they plan their budget to meet their needs. Tony and Mark assess that in gaining the experience on financial management, the student appreciates the value attached to money and hence, they become aware of the importance of saving either for emergency or the future.

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This paper discusses the purposes for students' part time job. Part time jobs are mainly caused by the need of students to raise school fees, especially among foreign students. Though others also do it in order to interact and learn different cultures, this is, however, a minor cause. …
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Causes / Effects of Part Time Jobs to College Students essay example
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