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The responsibility of being a teacher

Similarly I as a teacher completed a certain chapter and took a test. However the results of the test clearly illustrated that the students were not clear about the concepts of the unit. This article would further describe the steps taken by me to make the students understand the concepts of the unit. As I evaluated the result at the end of a unit test, I realized that around 50% of students failed the unit test and it became indispensable for me to overcome this situation somehow. The reason to consider it critical to be solved is the necessity to give the students a strong understanding of the basics before moving to the advanced level of a subject; either it is mathematics, language arts or social studies. One topic is often linked with the other and the sequence in which the chapters or topics are arranged should be followed to give a better understanding of the subject. For Example, if a topic in Mathematics defines the basic mathematical functions like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division and the second topic defines how to calculate the mean of two numbers, it is necessary for the student to understand the basic functions in order to find out mean of any two or more numbers as the formula of mean include 2 basic functions i.e. addition and division. ...
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The responsibility of a teacher extends from the understanding of a student to the behavior exhibited by him. A teacher is not only there to teach but is there to make the students understand the learning and implement the teachings in their respective lives. …
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