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Schooling and Society

Thus, the curriculum in education was extremely utilitarian-valuable and useful (Chitty 2004).
However, the young generation of the 21st century were not blinded by the management of the government and Beare (2001, p.6) described them as the most ruthless critics of the present management of the world and and the least likely to be estranged. The young generation witnessed the need for a lot of change in the schools' goals and aims, impositions from interests, school operation, and the kind of students to produce. However, it was observed that the schools that are looking for the economically productive, the achievements of individual students, the values of schools, the tangible and intangible outcomes of schooling, the impact of schools on the labour market, and the responsibility for societal well-being have lessen in time.
In the beginning of the 21st century, accountability, which is the reliability that comes with the control, power and responsibility to perform something, became the most necessary in most educational systems (Heim 1996). This essay aims to give an overview of the changing educational systems due to the demands of good performance from the working society. ...
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According to Beare (2001, p.5), schooling has been moving to a rapid, traditional, tight-targeted, and efficient learning-towards a specific, goal-oriented, subject-based and instrumental learning instead of a universal general education and developing the whole of a child…
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